Hemp/cotton Innlegg

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  • 1 pack
  • Leak-proof: Due to the flexible side panels on the inserts, our suction inserts offer a particularly high leakage safety. The terry cloth on the top is very fast absorbent and high pile. This is how milk stool is absorbed particularly well.

  • Of course: Our suction pads are made of natural materials. The lower layer consists of hemp and organic cotton, the upper terry layer consists mainly of organic cotton. A small proportion of polyester is added so that the insole remains soft after washing and there is no unpleasant scratchy feeling on the baby's bottom.

  • High-quality materials: The fabrics are particularly fluffy. Even after repeated washing, they are still nice and soft.

  • Easy to care for: The suction pads can be washed at 60° and are then hygienically clean and ready for use again. The fabrics are quick-drying (12-20h), which makes them easy to air dry and do not necessarily have to be tumble dried.

  • Ergonomically shaped: The insoles are shaped in such a way that they fit perfectly into a diaper and hug the child very well. The suction pad shrinks about 10% when washed. The fact that the fabric is received is taken into account in the cut, only then do the insoles fit perfectly.

  • Sustainable: The insoles were designed in Germany and are manufactured in Poland. In this way, we guarantee short production routes. The fabric itself comes from Europe.

  • Usage: The suction insert is suitable as a single insert for a short winding interval and can be individually supplemented with a booster or a prefold. 

  • Midwife tip newborn: Due to the side panels, the liquid milk chair in particular is captured very well at the beginning.

  • Midwife tip onesize: Due to the side panels, the pee is very well absorbed, especially with frequentpies and little boys on the sides.

  • Dimensions: newborn: 29x14cm (before washing) - 27.5x14cm (after washing)
    Onesize: 34.5x15cm (before washing) - 33x15cm (after washing)
  • Materials: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton (Newborn additionally a layer of 90% cotton, 10% polyester)
  • Washing: Wash at 60° - No fabric softener, no chlorine bleaching, no use fragrances - Spin at a maximum of 1000 revolutions - Use full detergent
  • Drying time: approx. 12-24h
  • Material origin: Asia
  • Production: Poland
  • Scope of delivery: 2 pieces
  • Absorbency: good
  • Number of layers of fabric: Newborn: 3 layers (2 layers of hemp, 1 layer of terry cloth), one size: 4 layers
  • Washing in: Only after several (5-8x) washing are the insoles maximally absorbent. To speed this up, the deposits can also be soaked 24 hours before the first use.


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