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  • Fitting starts from around 8lb to 35lb (approx 3.5kg - 16kg) Baby to Toddler*
  • Fully adjustable & designed to grow with your little one
  • Waterproof printed outer shell designed so that you can customise the absorbency inside
  • Premium Protection with an external double gusset
  • Cost effective way to use reusable nappies
  • Use with inserts and/or prefolds, fitted nappies etc (available extra)
  • Fully washable and fast drying
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


Designed as a one-size-fits-most, our reusable nappy wrap should fit from around 8-35 lbs (approx 3.5kg - 16kg) baby to toddler. With 4 rows of adjustable snaps, you can adjust the waist and height of the nappy to get the perfect as your baby grows.


Inside you'll find our quality PUL printed shell with a soft external binding around the edge.

There are also 2 elasticated flaps inside. Should you choose to use inserts and/or prefolds with this wrap, you can tuck them under at either end and the elasticated flaps will help hold them in place.

There is also an external double-gusset on the leg. This is a must have feature, as it reduces the chance of any wet or dirty leaks but it also allows more flexibility and comfort when it comes to your little one.


The outer layer of our reusable nappies are made from PUL which is a treated fabric in order to make it waterproof. This fabric is silky soft & gives our gorgeous artwork a lovely shine. Its quality is second to non, and allows fast drying too.


It couldn't be easier to wash, store & dry your reusable nappies.

First of all simply knock solids into the toilet or dispose of biodegradable liner in bin (if used), then store your nappy in a bucket or wet bag until wash day.

We recommend you do not leave nappies any more than 2 - 3 days between washing.


1. Pre-Rise (40 mins approx rinse & spin cycle)

2. Long Wash Programme (2.5 hours minimum at max 60°c)

3. Hand Dry (or tumble dry on LOW if essential).

We recommend regular washing at 40°c to prolong nappy life.


Frí heimsending ef verslað er fyrir 20.000kr eða meira.

Afhendingartími er alla jafna 1-3 virkir dagar með Dropp


  • Auðvelt að skipta svo lengi sem varan er ónotuð. Af öryggisástæðum er ekki hægt að skila bílstólum eða base-um.